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The sexual desire of 16 years old of girls is tragic
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Stay in the depth of my heart, it is one cannot apply equal cut forever. In the heart hard the Bei that character says increases the pressure with heavy life painstakingly, make I am in condition of a kind of apathetic. I this year 18 years old, it is the age that the flower blooms delicate and charmingly to be about to drip originally, live originally should be full of sunshine, however, good life is transitory to be just as for me, I bore already prematurely too much ought not to be in this age susceptive thing. The bud that be in bud, return future to must be reached exhibit admire to die of old age hurriedly.

In my winter, produced a few things, that is makings of my only then not as good as, it caused me to give birth to the turn that hit the target, also become my tragic beginning. In those days, I just enter adolescence. I feel constantly, there is a kind of thing to be in in his body ready to do sth, I am uncontrollable it, it always can be in casual in agitate gets my sleeping and eating to be installed hard, because, whenever this moment, I can long to be contacted with the opposite sex very much very much, say exactly, what I yearn for the skin of move and opposite sex is close.

Desire fire makes I cannot extricate oneself, masturbate repeatedly also already cannot the impulse of check curb heart, I had resisted feebly all ab extra temptation. I begin discrepancy to be mixed at bar discotheque, the lamplight that I think that is dim, frantic steps, can make me temporary forget that desire the anguish of heart of baked wheaten cake. That day, I fell into abyss thoroughly. I knew Ke Jun. He is very handsome, every act the charm that coruscate gives a kind of unruly. When dancing, he gets my cuddle very close, the thing that I feel his private parts has a very hard is carrying me on the head all the time. Jump after dance, we drank wine again.

When walking out of ballroom, my head is a bit dizzy, confused in, I made myself this all one's life the wrongest decision, I went with him his rented house.

He is teased by every means to me, I feel that fire is in the heart combustion, I am together cannot refrain fromingly with his cuddle... and next, of the private parts make me sober however smartly come over, I struggle desperately, but I am died by him deathtrap pressing falls in the body, revolt finally feebly. Look at the blood that the private parts pours out of, I understand what I lost, that is a girl's most precious thing...

But, my discovery is together with him only, ability cure that desire the anguish of heart of baked wheaten cake. So, I and he had 2 times, the 3rd...

At that time, the pleasure that he brings me makes I wave wave desire celestial being, all of what ethics morality is cast after the head. Gradually, as if drug taking addiction, I cannot leave him, 3 days two do not see him, my mood is very low, and once met, the caress that got him I can restore calm. When lasting near two months with respect to the relation in us, thing by person debunk.
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