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The thing of those sexual temptation of adolescence
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Phenanthrene be born in the scholarly family, suffer the edification of domestic atmosphere as a child, know a book to know a ceremony, clever and bright. Parents inspects her to be a beloved daughter, caress by every means. Phenanthrene after secondary feature is more and more apparent, parents feels suddenly a carring pole on the shoulder was weighed again a lot of. Move then " daughter classics " , earnestly and tirelessly teachs a daughter: The girl cannot is close to overly to the boy, meet otherwise addle; The girl produces feeling to the boy in student times, be about to become bad girl... phenanthrene the allocution that firmly is remembering father and mother, guarding the heart carefully that divine Sukhavati is not profaned.
Spring outing, a female classmate and she is imperceptible walk into a secret covert in, abrupt discovery is hiding in far covert clearance one male one female, see the man is in only the woman is being kissed bewitchedly on tender breast in vain, touching. Phenanthrene slow-witted, if it were not for of that female classmate urgent, forgot to leave almost.
On the car of return, phenanthrene flavor is not very in the heart. Return the home, get into toilet directly, want to bathe well, rinse those dirty scenes clean.
Phenanthrene the station falls in shower nozzle, swabbing oneself to skin tenderly in vain with the running water of move lukewarm embellish. The hand that becomes her is casual when touching him breast, gust tremble, as if " incoming telegram " general, an extremely wonderful sense spreads everywhere to the whole body, she remembered covert cannot refrain fromingly in " one shade spring scenery " , both hands keeps be being touched in his breast, ham, pudenda rise...
That evening, phenanthrene insomnia. Her suddenly discovers Chen Zhu came. Chen Zhu is school literature company is big editorial, phenanthrene the Bai Ma in the heart is princely. Phenanthrene know Chen Zhu also likes her, just poor the idea that dare not use that to be close to all the time. But today not, phenanthrene greatly square square ground is greeted to him, old Zhu Pu comes over to hold her in arms, two people are embraced stark-nakedly together, the pleasure of the sort of incoming telegram again perfusion whole body. Abrupt, chen Zhu presses her below the body, phenanthrene terrified the ground cried... so she made dream of one individual character.

Return the school the following day, phenanthrene all over uneasy, her eye looks at blackboard, there is covert however in the heart in " spring scenery " He Mengzhong's scene. "Be no good! Be no good! " phenanthrene crying in the heart, she blames herself too " dirty " , pledge should drive away psychedelic. However, she depresses herself the more, that " Chun Jing " become aggravated the more the ground is in her brains " make trouble " . Poor from now on all day long fears for him concern, always fear parents, teacher, classmate sees her again " filthy soul " , attention often does not arrive centrally on study, achievement suffer a disastrous decline. Eventually, parents discovered a problem, phenanthrene was sent psychological advisory room.
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