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How to treat sexual curiosity correctly to manage
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The sexual education of our country high school student once was a forbidden zone all the time, ability opened this door after reforming and opening, but or bashful, twist be affectedly bashful to hold, evasive materiality issue. As a result of textbook and school not dare ground of one is assured and bold with justice tells a gender to teach (a lot of schools are in on adolescence teachs class hour most the class of core serves as self-study and intended escape is not told) , make children feel the gender is a mystery, shameful thing even more, result you the more block cloak attack by surprise, they should do clear more, so, that part content that they always want to just try to understand adult to keep secret to them. Regretful is standard approach big finite, browse secretly in close-packed bookshop at most " department of gynaecology and obstetrics " wait for medical book, this nature is unavoidable to endure the assistant's supercilious look or rebuke, still must look everywhere have acquaintance or fellow student, general like picaroon very guilty. Turn over stretch in disorder to bookstall namely again, lane is sciolistic, both neither can buy a book to come home look, also cannot take look in the school. Mainer is to be the same as the comment between age person and idle Kan, according to investigation, this is the main source of teenage sex knowledge. Their both neither wishs to ask father and mother, also do not want to seek a teacher, honest hold back does not live to also can ask young associate the medium person that be close friends only, regrettablly the poverty that companions also are sexual knowledge door, give bit of lousy idea at most just.

If children not from knowledge of accurate way acquired character, they can obtain the erroneous information of incorrectly relay an erroneous information from not standard approach only, can by accident person children just. Be inferior to growing greatly square square ground to tell them scientific sexual knowledge by the school or home, tell clear, this plants comb-out to feel mysteriously. Somebody thinks the gender teachs a likelihood to rise to burn oily action to fire, actually otherwise, the knowledge that sexual education can make children use science only arms oneself go be on guard of insalubrious thought and behavior erode, because sexual education is not pure,be the education of sexual knowledge, it still includes a lot of content, the gender teachs the education that is love actually, it church children what is love, how to go loving, how be an upright person, if why handle human relation, how to protect oneself, how to cherish esteem other, education of ethics of its contain sex is taught at sexual knowledge in, also had scientific sexual knowledge only, ability restrains him better with sexual morality criterion.

The age that adolescence starts now shifts to an earlier date ceaselessly, shift to an earlier date 30 every years on average 1 year old, current and average 13 years old, early 10 ~ began 11 years old. The reason of adolescent in advance is very much, include climate calefacient, standard of living rises to wait with the ceaseless improvement of nutrient state. However the menace as a result of population boom problem, as a result of the adolescent pressing requirement to attend school, add the glow recreational activities of modern life, people defers marriageable age generally backward, so, mature to marry from sexual physiology this period of time spun, little criterion 10 years, many ten years. So, how to treat the sexual curiosity in the bud after is sexual physiology mature to manage? This becomes a when society and parent or child place must face the realest problem.
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