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The " sex that how satisfies little male girl is curious "
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The boy already entered adolescence, generated interest to the gender. Want to know the change of oneself is how to return a responsibility not only, still want to explore body change state of the girl. In " he extends little hand into with the skirt of the desk " the exploration method that medium boy chose a mistake, extend the hand into the skirt with desk girl.

The age that at present adolescence starts shifts to an earlier date ceaselessly, shift to an earlier date 30 every years on average 1 year old, current and average 13 years old, early 10-11 year old began. The germinate of boy secondary sex characteristic of this one phase: Spermary, penis begins growth and spermatozoon to generate, appear to ejaculate first. Stem from the curiosity that changes to the body and secret touch, little male girls begin to pay close attention to the thing of concerned sex respect, longing gains sexual knowledge, and change to opposite sex body also generate interest. This is the inevitable result of sexual physiology development, also be normal, reasonable. It conduces to do away with a gender to feel mysteriously, master scientific sexual knowledge, stimulative physiology sends Yo and mental health, the lifetime to the person can produce far-reaching effect. So how to treat the sexual curiosity in the bud after is sexual physiology mature to manage?

The acquisition of sexual knowledge. The reader that contains sexual knowledge at present, movie and TV, kinescope is not little, little male girls should be below teacher and parent guidance, go choosing suitable content according to level of the age, growth. Privately is searched or do not contact the books and periodicals of all sorts of concerned sexes secretly, want to ask for advice with parents or teacher more when the problem that encounters body change and development respect, also can ask for advice to hotline, advisory branch, as soon as possible seeks a scientific solution. Must not bashful or hold back are in psychology. For example some adolescent think his sexual organs development has a problem oneself, all the day dejected, study result came down, the body also procrastinates broke down, the parent discovers the problem takes him badly to check later, completely normal, just put down a heart from now on, when waiting for everything to restore normality nevertheless, a few years time was delayed, health of body and mind gets very big impact. Of course, the parent wants patient explanation when encountering the child to raise question of this kind of sex, do not take rebuke or the attitude that distain, can hit their enthusiasm only so.

Education contains power. Containing power is one of good volitional quality, its expression controls to can use reason affection and desire. After entering adolescence, often have the experience that a kind of sex stirs. It often the impulse of sex instinct, the person is to be able to pass a volition to go abstemious of this kind of instinctive impulse. Accordingly, we should learn to control impulse, every encounters the thing that want to do and ought not to do temporarily, should notice to restrain those who prevent actuation action to happen particularly.
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