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The " of " sex family education of beautiful female undergraduate is experienced
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The female undergraduate of the young and beautiful avant-courier that lead a gender, accidental discovered " sexual family education " this accumulate the trendy profession that containing infinite business chance, then, she " rebel against orthodoxy " devote into whole-heartedly without any consideration among them, of the close affection of alive common, love and friendship " encircle and suppress " in black and blue. However, for " belief " she what dazzle gives green charm, use however additional kind kind gave a kind of distinctive life sense to our illuminate.

Make teaching in home diary of aghast discovery little female

A day of June 2002, via acquaintance introduction, I took a teaching in home: The daughter Xiaoying that is Mr Liu 12 years old does comprehensive take lessons after school or work. However many days 20 went, although I coach meticulously, xiaoying's homework still does not have what improvement, this lets me feel scratch one's head over. Of a weekday midday, I had eaten a meal to come in Mr Liu home ahead of schedule, push the door of Xiaoying bedroom, she does not know when to already bent over to be asleep on the table, before I walk up, go preparing to wake her up, discovered those who be pressed below her arm accidentally however " sexual diary " !

On June 26 shade

... I have a kind of feeling that be overcome, it is the desire was overcome... the body still does not have pleasure, just ache, but arrived in the evening, want to did not sleep only, I can remember again, repeat. Every time after the hand is let off, I complain myself to have bad luck, hate him shameless. I endeavor to control my, the handle when sleeping is put on the pillow, satisfying in want to put very much...

I too feared, be afraid that a water is too much, influence body, after the influence arrives... more those who make me difficult bear is this second " good friend " (menstruation) after coming, surprise inside urticant clinking, flinch flinch again must not, lane get me meal of not feel like eating sleeps to be not worn become aware. Day! When can this kind of day just end...

See Wan Xiaoying's diary, I feel an algidity rises from sole only, I do not know to should wake her up, how after knowing, I should face her more. I am the undergraduate of medical major, tell from scientific point of view, impulse of sexual of little male girl is very normal very natural also, casual even a habit that acquires begin excessive also give no cause for more criticism, it is Xiaoying only she is too small, ability is mere 12 years old! And see not hard from inside the diary, masturbation already was become oppressive a megalith of her body and mind. Regard family education as the teacher, I am responsible report this one important discovery in time with obligation the parent, offer corresponding proposal. Who knows to become me cautiously from sexual psychology angle, when communicating common and sensibly with a n experienced person Mr Liu with respect to Xiaoying's circumstance, this blind shield a shortcoming of fault extremely the muddleheaded father of specially trust daughter unexpectedly " dash forward " ground look displeased comes: "Shenyang young lady, your class also calculated without effect, why bother again recriminate, with humiliate my daughter replaces him absolve? ! " saying to draw out two magnify bank note to be put before me, xiaoying's class ends up with nothing definite so.
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