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Junior high school gives birth to the light of day to play licentious game
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According to coverage of Hong Kong media, schoolboys of two audacious junior high school, make with 16 years old of schoolgirls unexpectedly " chip " play card, the girl strips off the dress, rather in one person is in fall to play sexual game greatly without attack by surprise without block, worker of around construction site thinks girl by cruel of excessive of person hold sb under duress, call the police appeal, 3 people are investigated by fuzz belt sign, by police " warn badly " , do not grant to find out get-off.

Schoolboy of two experience case is surnamed respectively (12 years old) the Liu that reach a surname (14 years old of) , with area of Yu Dongjiu dragon a middle school is read, and maiden last name fences to be read in another middle school inside the area, pull young lovers of a long time to patting with Liu Wei.

Case discovery field is Huang Daxian beautiful treasure building runs from opposite directions one panel height makes an appointment with 40 meters to protect earthy wall, cent makes 5 form, graveyard field is at the back of the summit. The dweller learns 3 students play sexual game greatly in the place, in chorus expresses " unusual " .

3 people yesterday afternoon after school, arrive together about the wall that protect land plays card on class of stone of the 3rd class, by, two people of Liu are right bet, loser should pare unlined upper garment is reached make motion of excessive be disrespectful, liu Lian field defeats, be punished he and cummer are handed in joyous, liu Chensheng does not know sexual thing, wu Jing requests a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment set an example.

3 when make, discovery of worker of several around domain has 3 students to be on the wall that protect land, among them one male one female more make bold motion, the worker thinks girl by cruel of excessive of hold sb under duress, call instantly call the police.

Police receives a reply greatly nervous, many fuzz is driven to investigation, discover dress school uniform surname teenager, trousers fade falls to genu, school uniform of fencing surname schoolgirl is taken off entirely, go a bust only, sit on Wu Da leg, liu tells a mobile phone at the same time, stand at at the same time " view battle " , fuzz thinks situation is serious, take 3 people along with all the others return Huang Daxian police station to investigate, and check visits a batch of exhibit, include paper towel and playing card to wait.

The parents of 3 students receives police announcement, head for a police station to assist investigation, , two people of Liu come in the evening 9 when, accompany by parents leave a police station, two average per capita cover a head with the dress, evasive reporter camera lens.

Division having a law shows, in the case female child already 16 years old, reason " produce sexual behavior with minor girl " already did not hold water, but male child have 12 years old only, even if agree to produce sexual behavior, the girl also has opportunity be charged with. And if 14 years old of youths in the case are to look on only, do not have legal responsibility, but be like him once abet, or make encouragement move, this demagoguery is belonged to sin, like liking principal criminal.
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