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Is the girl unfavorable wear tight underwear?
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The girl that is in adolescent growth phase must not wear tight underwear, bundle the bosom has a lot of harm to the girl's development and health.

Bundle the heart when the bosom, lung and old blood vessel are oppressed, affect the normal growth of official of the viscera inside the body thereby.

Bundle the bosom can affect breathing function. Below normal circumstance, what pectoral type breathes and abdominal breathes a movement two kinds is harmonious cooperate to undertake, ability makes sure the gas with regular human body is exchanged, breath of bundle of type of pectoral influence bosom, make bosom cannot sufficient dilate, lobar tissue cannot be extended adequately, induction air quantity decreases, as a result affected the supply of systemic oxygen.

Bundle the bosom is oppressive breast, make blood circulates not free, produce be retarded by silt of mammary bottom blood thereby and cause painful ache, the breast bilges and unwell, cause growth of the defect inside the tit, breast even undesirable, the influence is strong and handsome, also cause lactation is difficult in the future.

Accordingly, we should publicize the harm of bundle of bosom repeatedly. Want to encourage a girl to tell mother the circumstance of mammary development, so that get necessary sanitarian guidance in time.

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