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Pay close attention to " girl mother "
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Because be opposite between little male girl the curiosity of sexual behavior, imitate adult sexual behavior blindly, or love control early not to live the voluntarily sexual behavior such as sexual impulse is in grow in quantity, these sexual behavior great majority do not have a plan, naked, be pregnant probability nature is tall. And once gravid, because of dispute apiration, should stop as early as possible originally, the fact is not however such.

Oneself child misfortune was pregnant, the parent really with bitter hatred, but compunction and beating and scold is of no help, drive a door out of to be able to force she moves toward wrong road only the child. Right now, the parent and teacher should do, it is to give the child mentally and economically support, help them be stopped as early as possible gravid, avoid metaphase induced labor, hard to avoid is borne right healthy the influence that brings with happiness, avoid the happening of extremely malign incident. At ordinary times, should notice to had done the communication with the child to the parent and teacher, make the child has true sexual knowledge source and good sexual psychology base. Be aimed at precaution the girl is gravid this one phenomenon, we perhaps can tell the child so, abstinency it is the first defense line that stops impulse of adolescent happening sex: If cannot be accomplished, should have used appropriate contraceptive measure; If produced naked sexual behavior, after should doing a good work, remedy -- , urgent use contraceptive or urge via stopping pregnant; If menstruation did not come all the time, should check to the hospital, whether is diagnose pregnant; If be to be pregnant really, should stop to normal hospital gravid, and had jumped over earlier.

To the medical personnel of Medical Protection and family planning system, the sexual error adolescent that should appeal to coming round holds esteem, equality, do not discriminate against, not the manner of judge, such ability let adolescent have the place, anguish that the object pours out him and bewilderment, let tragedy be performed no longer.

The school: The gender teachs need not dare not or would not speak up

Intellectual origin of the student shorts. What at present most school place begins is healthy education tax, so healthy below this major premise education included a lot of content, for instance teenage growth in the healthy education of the knowledge of development, mental health, nutrition, physical training, emergency treatment knowledge that encounters need of sudden incident place and adolescence category that teachs in health, and healthy education tax is every commonly biweekly class, contrast of class hour photograph is less, so the content that the teacher can explain on classroom can decrease, specific the sexual education to adolescence is little little. The content that about Yu Qingchun period sex teachs is according to the reference book in teacher hand book undertakes explaining commonly, the student does not have relevant textbook, these content can be in 1 to tell in 2 class hour, basically be to tell those who say reproductive system to form with action, the dissection that sees physiology to the student pursues, and relevant kinescope.
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