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To the optimal time that child sex teachs
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The girl that is in adolescent growth phase must not wear tight underwear, bundle the bosom has a lot of harm to the girl's development and health.

Bundle the heart when the bosom, lung and old blood vessel are oppressed, affect the normal growth of official of the viscera inside the body thereby.

Bundle the bosom can affect breathing function. Below normal circumstance, what pectoral type breathes and abdominal breathes a movement two kinds is harmonious cooperate to undertake, ability makes sure the gas with regular human body is exchanged, breath of bundle of type of pectoral influence bosom, make bosom cannot sufficient dilate, lobar tissue cannot be extended adequately, induction air quantity decreases, as a result affected the supply of systemic oxygen.

Bundle the bosom is oppressive breast, make blood circulates not free, produce be retarded by silt of mammary bottom blood thereby and cause painful ache, the breast bilges and unwell, cause growth of the defect inside the tit, breast even undesirable, the influence is strong and handsome, also cause lactation is difficult in the future.

Accordingly, we should publicize the harm of bundle of bosom repeatedly. Want to encourage a girl to tell mother the circumstance of mammary development, so that get necessary sanitarian guidance in time.

The expert points out: Elementary school high grade is adolescence education is optimal begin time

Most nowadays parent cares sexual psychology development of the child and change, but their care guidance to the girl wants prep above boy apparently. Held yesterday " capital population and development forum " go up, the expert points out, what teenage sex teachs is optimal beginning time is elementary school high grade.

Association of Haidian family planning and Haidian area teach appoint undertook investigating in 2100 students in high grade of this area elementary school, parent and teacher this year in May. Investigation shows, the parent that has 86.6% comes to the daughter the first time menstruation offers guidance, tell her menstruation is how to return a responsibility, teach her to nurse method, the physiology reaction that pays close attention to her and mood change; And to the boy the first time seminal emission, parent criterion attention is insufficient, the parent of 38% states he coachs rarely or be change of growth of physiology of sex of not directive boy.

The age of 56 grade student is in elementary school more 11 to 12 years old between, they enter adolescent development in succession. The expert points out, the adolescent education that has be educationaled with the gender attaching most importance to wanting content to adolescent has been jumped over earlier, optimal time is to learn high grade to begin as a child. The parent that there are 80% aboves in investigation and teacher think, be necessary to begin adolescent health to teach to student of elementary school high grade.
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