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When to make inspection of first time department of gynaecology?
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If you are maiden still, examination of your first time department of gynaecology should be 18 years old. If you were in 18 years old to there is sexual life before, so you should make inspection of department of gynaecology as soon as possible after sexual intercourse. Next, every pass 6 check to 12 months. If your sexual life is very active, so, it is very important to do department of gynaecology to check regularly. Because adolescent girl is right venereal resistance is very weak, active sexual life increased to contract venereal risk undoubtedly. The female is gotten venereal later majority does not have apparent symptom, oneself do not feel, and venereal still can increase palace neck cancer and infecund risk. Fixed department of gynaecology is checked, can in time discover and cure is venereal, prevented palace neck thereby cancer and infecund.

No matter you are much old age, if have following symptom, should make inspection of department of gynaecology in time:

1. In menstrual menarche menstruation is irregular still after a year,

2. Compelled sexual contact and sex are mistreated,

3. The vagina has abnormal secretion,

4. Genital area has ache, urticant or burn feeling,

5. Ache all round the vagina, have bump or wrap piece,

6. Ham, ham root ministry or next abdomen (little stomach) aching.

Do not have a girl to be able to accept inspection of first time department of gynaecology of one's own accord. Actually, what department of gynaecology is checked and do not envisage like you is so terrible. A lot of females, especially green girl, because had not experienced examination of department of gynaecology, check to department of gynaecology very fear, perhaps feel very awkward. Nevertheless, realise when you should keep healthy, when examination of department of gynaecology is very important, examination of department of gynaecology is more recipient. Examination of department of gynaecology does not bring ache.

Gynecologist checks your reproductive organ, determine size, appearance and position are normal. Gynecologist can take sample of a few cells from your palace neck, whether does examination palace neck have abnormal change. Because if palace neck cell is abnormal, change likely cancer. This examination calls cell of palace neck smear the examination, ache not at all.

Remember: Want to tell your gynecologist you have the brisk rate of sexual life and sexual life. Such, the doctor can check you to have at the same time venereal. Of course, the doctor can undertake keeping secret to these your information.

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