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Have sex prematurely meeting block up is in love!
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Sexual education is in China is a your person all the time hard the sensitive topic of open one's mouth, how will " quality " tell the child, make the parent and teachers most awkward and have a headache.

To accompanying the growing phenomenon of adolescent arrival, the parent and teacher not only should let little male girl know self-prossessed self-love, still should let them understand basic safety precaution. Student of elementary school of the 3rd center visits area of river of stage of the Fuzhou City exhibition. Zhang Shenggui is photographed

On December 25, 2005, year only boy Ceng Wen of 13 years old (alias) the goodwife that enters incivility of purpose of home of a dweller 25 years old, the security personnel that hears goodwife to cry for help fortunately checked in time his behavior.

"I am a student, your forgive me! " lying the boy of crack period hands in the cry loudly in road junction police station to cry greatly in Beijing, "Aunt, everything what what I do today Is am sorry you, I hope the aunt forgives me, later I again also won't such. Later I again also won't such..

"Him child says is to go up the Internet bar sees ' wool flake ' (pornography piece) hind want to imitate. " Ceng Wen's father is sighing all the time: "Yesterday evening I and his mom discuss very late, become aware to after getting, should go up guide the child more in adolescent education. Become aware to after getting, should go up guide the child more in adolescent education..

State-owned a move in chess or a movement in wushu estimates huge adolescent population in. The adolescent that is in adolescence falls in endocrine adjustment, body and mind is producing tremendous change. Appear of the rapid growth that faces reproductive organ, secondary sex characteristic in succession and all sorts of gender psychology change, more and more adolescent show angst and trouble, they long to get the solution of pertinent question, guidance and help in time.

20 centuries before 80 time, china still is in the times that the gender closes, adolescent accepts the sex of formal, system very hard to teach, be in sexual knowledge indigent, the gender teachs the condition of ideal stale. After reforming and opening (1978) , of the development as economy and information a large number of swarming into, the idea of people also the United States " health and social behavior " the magazine undertook investigating to 8000 adolescent, result discovery, the love between adolescent, make they suffer from very likely on depressed disease, a few people still can commit suicide accordingly, individual person was on bloodguilty road even.

The United States is in before long before the student Andiweilianmusi of two classmates weighs shoot dead of California country high school, because be lovelorn,he is bring about spirit to depress ability bloodguilty.

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