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Contraceptive knowledge begins to learn to rise from the girl
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Q: Have a girl of 14 years old was pregnant, produce next male baby. Very much now low age the girl is pregnant, the girl of much now old age suit to eat prophylactic?

A: No matter the age Yours Excellency more,say to flow to have negative effect to the body and psychology above all. We are clinical after observation does perfect man to flow, no matter be near future complication or long-dated complication occurence rate,have 10% , this is very tall. Cite a simple case, the ectopic pregnancy of 90% above has done abortion, 80% above are to follow stream of people to matter. And harm of younger stream of people jumps over the age big, because be the pressure of the body not only, psychological burden is very heavy also, after be opposite of the body restore to have more adverse, must take step so.

To such girl, we can teach her not to have sexual life so early repeatedly only, in case sexual lives, we are the view is covered with safety first use contraceptive, especially girl of 923 years old, the body is done not have full-fledged, this moment we not quite the view uses prophylactic. Prophylactic is menstruation certainly after regular ground has come two years, just can begin to use quite.

Q: What reaction does ectopic pregnancy have? If judge him ectopic pregnancy?

A: If you had not given birth to a child, had not done stream of people, it is an one embryo, need not worry about ectopic pregnancy. The expression of ectopic pregnancy often is in front had given birth to a child, had had history of stream of people, ring crosses on, behave official holiday chaos normally, dripping wet is sordid, but a lot of people did not think is ectopic pregnancy, often when collywobbles, most the reason that often is sent a hospital is she feels the official holiday in front is sordid, collywobbles, crouch a toilet to rose not to come, this is the commonnest. If discover girl period at ordinary times very accurate, official holiday is a bit random recently, and had had before be pregnant history, history of stream of people, make water had better cross in a priori in the home, if be,negative can eliminate ectopic pregnancy basically, if be electropositive, be about to be checked to the hospital. In last few years the occurence rate of ectopic pregnancy rose apparently high.

Q: What reason causes this?

A: Probable we operation of present stream of people is increasing, and a lot of people are thresh stream of people. Because the child already let grow without good place in the uterus,ectopic pregnancy is, be forced to grew to go to other place.

Q: Whether can be if appear,the state of ectopic pregnancy affected the following be pregnant?

A: If the word of early discovery, be pregnant likely still later. Because average person is met only,the bosom is in a side is tubal. Possible meeting has certain effect, but great majority still can be pregnant once more.

Q: Chronic natural abortion time is much, whether to cause ectopic pregnancy easily also?
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