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7 kinds of vogue send a man not Yo
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Male barren pathogeny is very much, but in recent years study the data shows, difficult demit of certain life style its blame.

Use a mobile phone often

Mobile phone signal is to pass high frequency electromagnetic wave to launch telecommunications mark those who go out, the microwave radiate of certain amount exists all round emissive antenna. The microwave that generates when the mobile phone exceeds a country to set a standard, endanger health possibly, and human body itself is impassible. System of the nerve that this kind of high frequency microwave removes pair of people, blood, immunity and eye cause outside damaging, reproductive system also often " there is no escape " , if make,spermatozoon amount acute is decreased, the demote below spermatozoon vigor. Reason Yo age confidential of man use hand notices ego is protected, when there is average telephone call beside as far as possible need not mobile phone, mix in order to reduce microwave to the radiation frequency of human body time; If not uses a mobile phone cannot, also want to make a long story short. Last action is reasonable arrangement is fed advocate chart, much edible a few contain a lot ofhigh grade albumen, phosphatide and B a group of things with common features the food of the vitamin, fight radiant ability in order to increase, protect the function of genital official.

Bubble oxygen

In recent years, suck oxygen to be in our country as a kind of new health care measure popularity of a few cities leaves come, many people with bubble oxygen for vogue. To this, the expert admonishs: Healthy person is in oxygen the oxygen that absorbs unfavorable balance of trade to cross physiology to need, can be united in wedlock with other material inside body and generate freedom radical, destroy normal biomembrane, disturb enzymatic active, the metabolization of drag in spermary and sperm cell.

Candle power dinner

This perhaps is the effect that sufferred Hesperian, such doing, emotional appeal and atmosphere are to have, but the likelihood brings certain harm to the body. Original, the candle, take the candle of fragrance especially, can release the harmful particle such as a lead, mercury, lead but bolus of immediate effect Yu Gao, cloggy spermary synthesizes what male hormone reachs spermatozoon to generate; Mercury criterion in order to damage sexual function, make sexual desire drops, or send the penis to erect not firm, cause sterility then.

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