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Sexual life crosses frequency old easy unripe cancer
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Newest medicine considers to make clear, sexual life crosses frequency to will raise the incidence of a disease of a variety of diseases such as prostate cancer and breast cancer apparently.

With prostate cancer for, if sexual life is initiative,the age resents 24 years old, marriageable age is in 40 years of above, original ejaculation age is in 15 years old the following, average the coital frequency of every month exceeds 12 times, so into 40-50 after year old contract prostate cancer extremely easily; 50 years old and person, if sexual life is excessive, the possibility that contracts prostate cancer is larger; And agent of use Zhuangyang strong choice person, the balance of the hormone inside can disturbed body, also be the main reason that causes prostate cancer.

Next, sexual life crosses frequency and disease of certain department of gynaecology to have very big correlation, be like: Cervix cancer: The vagina is shot in spermatozoon hind, produce spermatozoon antibody, need passes 4 months to just can disappear. If make love with many men, a variety of opposite sex albumen enter system inside, not only cannot produce antibody, contrary, intense exciting meeting causes infecund disease or development is canceration.

Breast cancer: The female that marries after 30 years old, not the woman with Yo and abortive much time gets breast cancer easily. Additional, return when the female not when development is mature, overmuch ground touchs a breast, contract breast cancer easily also; Some women to maintain a breast plump with the appearance beautiful, substance is added inside the breast, wait like operation grand bosom, make one of main reasons that have breast cancer possibly.

Additional, because genital is local and not easy,include cauline man clean, cause inflammation the most easily, add sexual life to cross frequency, the occurence rate of its penis cancer is extremely high. In the meantime, bag bine still can bring risk to the woman. Statistic makes clear, have the man of the woman of cervix cancer, have the bag stem of 30% about.

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