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Sexual love helps you good Morpheus (graph)
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Magazine of the baby that occupy a mother " mother baby " report, researcher of college of London of near future England is opposite 11 thousand 16, an investigation that 44 years old of men and womens have shows, with 30 parents is first before New Year, the photograph of senile husband and wife in already was being entered now is compared, the new mother that there is 60% nowadays because of devoid Morpheus sexual desire is low, the husband and wife of 84% thinks, it is Mondayish snatched them collective " quality " interesting.

Face this kind of situation, this magazine edits Ailinna Deruipu to say, gender and Morpheus are not the contrary relation that each other is growth and decline absolutely, contrary, "The gender is best sleeping pill " , had handled their relation, can what utmost ground enjoys bed bed is joyous!

Sexual love night won't insomnia

When American expert is studying Morpheus and sexual relationship, discovered an interesting phenomenon: Morpheus cent of the person is two kinds of mode, one kind is sleep greatly period, restrict 1.5 hours continuously every time; Another kind moves for quickness eyeball period, at that time eyeball quickness moves, often daydream, make an appointment with 30 minutes continuously every time. Two mode have regular land alternant 4, maintain 8 hours of Morpheus jointly.

Normally, the man can appear to erect unconsciously during daydream phenomenon, the female appears possibly the vagina is lubricant, the couple goes easily to concern the dream of illusion of the opposite sex, sex and sexual life now right now, fundamentality ability gets take exercise and be maintaininged. If everyday have one's sleep out 8 hours, the person can be in the come to in daydreaming, the benefit protection at function force; Contrary, if Morpheus is without the rule, sleep greatly period with daydream period chaos makes posse, can bring about male early morning to not have erect, the female lacks the vagina to lubricate, fundamentality capacity can appear problem.

To the male, brain wave scanning and animal experiment show, they often sleep more quickly after sexual life, sweeter, can say even, the night that has passion lets them won't insomnia. Accordingly, the man that has 56% even is asleep quickly to let his and masturbate!

To the female, american physiologist ever had made many investigation discovery, of orgasm be short of the one big reason that breaking is female insomnia. Especially the woman that sexual desire moves slower, if lack enough foreplay, and the spouse did not offer sufficient caress and kind after sexual love, make its feeling needs to get be satisfactioned completely, can let her feel angst uneasiness, be agitated, then insomnia followings sb's heels and come. Accordingly, a few doctors already perfective one of prescription that life quality regards cure as insomnia.
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