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Make love: Write down large of head of Chu collect lens
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Sexual itself is a motion, each movement, affect your human body, the enthusiasm inside combustion system. Might as well now calculate can the energy that releases let you run much further?

◇ preparation

With all motion, you need to desk had done the work: Red wine, bring complete set, music, they are equivalent to the equipment of conveniently and enthusiastic audience, can arouse a sentiment well, build romantic atmosphere.

Before motion begins, want to focus attention to her body, finger, tongue breathes the tool that is exploration even, experience her whole body, making love is two the individual's dancing, envisage you to touching where, oneself are touched where, experience the sort of feeling, resemble paying close attention to the arc when discus cast moves, or it is experience is in water by the spoondrift of body cut, the feeling can diffuse to the whole body from the detail place of the body.

The rate that uses sprint impossibly like you runs 5000 meters of whole journey, your baby maintains rock impossibly also forever kind hard, want to know, it is not an an eccentric person that does not listen to handle, get the can train guy of outside influence easily however. Do not accumulate Lv overweight, the penis erects be not a delegate everything, it needs you to try hard slightly only. When your combustion reachs culmination, let its warm up, preparation is thrown " the match " .

◇ sprint

Proper sexual love can deepen breath not only, increase the oxygen that obtains inside the cell greatly, enhance the function of all sorts of organs and organization, in the meantime, can make skeleton and muscle hale -- testosterone of the excretive when making love, can enhance male muscle and bone Ga grow.

If your cholesterol is exorbitant, you should try to regular ground makes love more, because this can reduce cholesterol level, can move the scale of whole good, bad cholesterol greatly. What release when sexual excitement and orgasm is hormonal, be proved to be able to raise human body to bear aching limit, reduce arthralgia, waist aches and have a headache.

In the process that moves in this round, each compulsory exercise or free play can let motion become in full swing, especially fetching. Although do not have an extra oil, bang the drum for sb, but the calorie that you release at this moment, it is by every simple petty action is affected however come out.

Make fun of after ◇

After average game, the player that has demeanor can embrace his adversary, resemble this moment, you need to use up a few calories of quantity of heat again, those who exchange 2 people a few minutes is close, the effect strikings.
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