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Wear condom comfortably
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Condom has two kinds of different views at present to sexy influence, because this pair uses condom also the manner that hold differs two kinds. Some people think use condom can extend coital time, feel more happy thereby; Another some of person thinks condom can reduce the pleasure when sexual intercourse, do not be happy to accept accordingly.

The male wears condom sexual intercourse, the sensitivity of glans ministry is reduced somewhat, the time that achieves orgasm may be lengthened, but the pleasure that when the influence ejaculates, won't arise. Fall in normal circumstance commonly, the female achieves the time that orgasm place needs to grow than the male, if the male uses condom to be able to extend coital time, the sex appeal of abigail sex gets satisfaction. Special the male to having premature ejaculation, wear condom sexual intercourse to be able to treat premature ejaculation in case, make sexual life gets tune thereby.

Current, the condom that our country manufactures is to use high grade emulsion to be made, softness of quality of a material, thin and transparent, very small to sexy influence. Wishing to not be willing to use condom is a habitual problem, the west and the male of a few developed countries are happy to use condom more, japan has the couple of 75% to regard only contraceptive method as use condom about. Accordingly, should insist to use only can be used to gradually. Sichuan province did a prophylactic to provide investigation and study of applied effect epidemiology to make clear recently, 11 counties in administer of institute of 9 city, ground, state, area in 430 thousand crowd, condom is most suffer urban and rural Yo age one of connubial gay contraceptive tools, occupy 43.8% .

Mix condom safety period contraceptive union is used more ideal. Use the method that measures fundamental temperature, lift when temperature last 4 days (at this moment ovum has died) later, can disuse condom, come till menstruation till tide. Make the date that can reduce use condom so, can rise to use contraceptive likewise action.

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