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Reject a gender to imagine brought enjoyment
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He thinks sexual love a month two enough, and she thinks weekly is more reasonable; He hopes to should reach a climax every time, and she thinks the climax is dispensable, genuine photograph is waited for sufficient; He always is riveting sufficient strong, want to give her a few times the surprise more, and the play after she thinks those who enjoy tenderness only, let oneself fall asleep peacefully in the hug...

Having certain illusion to sexual spouse is the psychological phenomenon of a kind of nature, developing in sexual process " activator " action. Nevertheless, american sex is healthy recently website " ask a man " the column has an expert to write civil point out, investigation shows, a lot of husband and wife want to imagine design sexual life according to the gender, let a spouse cooperate his to perhaps cater to the other side painstakingly " demand " , such doing let possibly " activator " become " retarder " .

First marriage: The illusion of disloyal border most kill a person

For the young partner of sweet to just be being savoured marriage, their sexual illusion often is built in experience of the sex before marriage, or on the depict of pornographic work, highbrow composition is more, some are full of prunes even. Tom of 27 years old attributes this kind of kind.

Beautiful jade of predecessor cummer moxa is in the female with the bold and unrestrained enthusiasm in sexual life, she often says, if the orgasm of above cannot be experienced in one-time life, do not calculate a success. Tom is in after encountering Barbara, think she also is " fire is same " woman, accordingly also ground of assume sth as a matter of course is envisaged, she will be very active to the manner of sexual life, not only at any time can sexual love, sure still meeting asks to have a climax for many times. However, tom's overmuch sex asks Rangbabala feels deeply its faze, honeymoon was not spent, two people concern with respect to at a stand. Tom is setback of this equipment feeling, thinking is he is done not quite well.

" new man " sex of the author of one book, United States psychotherapy division uncle Ni Qierbaijieerde points out: "Sexual illusion is to give sexual life the course that candy adds on honey originally. But if highbrow, with respect to meeting influence husband and wife concerns, let female fear sexual life from now on even, make the male suspects his function force. "

Contest of gold of famous sexology expert points out, the law with the oldest sexual love, it is it does not have the rule forever but character. Accordingly, imagine the sexual life with the other side in the home alone when you should how how when, this process may hide to destroy two people " quality " the killer that send.
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