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The psychology that drab husband and wife lives is adjusted
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What a lot of couples often are sexual life is not disharmonious, perfect and pained. The sexual life that causes besides place of connubial body disease is disharmonious outside, investigate its reason, basically be basic to sexual life lack knowledge and understanding. For this, live from sensibility insipid the couple should try to adjust from the following respects.

   1, sexual life harmony should be a foundation with love

The purpose of sexual life of husband and wife, it is to bear children not just, also be husband and wife at the same time one of whole love life main component. Sex purpose is to share and express the love to the other side, as to make love whether occurrence orgasm is not the mainest.

   2, make love should pay attention to a process

A sexology expert points out: The sexual life between husband and wife is like like undertaking sports activity, you do not want to be interested in final result only, should be interested in the process of sports activity more. Otherwise, can create the tension that the process makes love between husband and wife, instead short of orgasm.

  3, the feeling that seasonable expression makes love

Sexology expert points out, when the couple makes love, tacit, each other does not reveal his feeling, that is very bad. The sex appeal that seasonable and mutual him confide wants when making love suffers, help the other side understands the skill of sensitive place and acquired character pleasure.

  4, sex means wants diversification

Actually, every sexual kind that expresses love to the couple is OK varied, need constant change to renovate like the person's taste. Make the new move that can improve sexual life and appeal so, make sexual life more harmonious and be full of glamour.

   5, should create good sex atmosphere

Husband and wife lives sexual life, should go vacationing like festal travel same, want beforehand ready-made, if beforehand bathes, dismiss child breakfast falls asleep etc, talk about more even some with make love the concerned topic that makes a person excited.

   6, the effort with bilateral and joint need of harmonious sexual life

Some couples always shift the responsibility with disharmonious sexual life to the other side. In fact, hand in delightfully joyous, it is the result of coact of connubial both sides. For this, connubial both sides should read the book of and so on of base of knowledge of a few sexes, understand the different characteristic of psychology of sex of male and female and sexual physiology, so that cooperate each other, arouse each other, make sexual life perfect and happy

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