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Leucorrhoea is unusual the relation with sexual love
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The female is in after marrying, the ivory secretion like cheese often appears on briefs, still take slightly sometimes yellow, redness of skin, Brown, this often crosses sexual life to have quite big concern with them...

When sexual life living after woman marriage (when including impulse of masturbation of illusion of the sex before marriage, sex, sex) because the gender is excited,be met and cause pelvic cavity congestion, then vagina secretes a large number of addition, leucorrhoea is apparent grow in quantity, exciting time is longer, stimulation is more intense, secretion is more also.

These are normal physiology phenomenon and physiology reaction.

However, some women although very the attention is clean, but leucorrhoea capacity is very much however; The stink is very big, attack by surprise making a person is nose; Or leucorrhoea color is changed apparently with property happening, hint occurrence different general reason besides. Married woman appears these circumstances, what consider above all is the issue that concerns with sexual activity.

Of leucorrhoea unusual, it is the expression of reproductive path inflammation normally, the chance that married woman gets infection is general grow in quantity, often cross sexual life to have quite big concern with them. When the man is caressed with the hand, did not wash his hands, fingernail is too long shelter evil people and practices; The both sides before of the same branch of a family or one party rinse a the lower part of the body carelessly, especially man sanitation habit owes beautiful; The man has packet of stem or wrapping grows too, hind of of the same branch of a family is lazy mix at micturition clean etc all is the main reason with female unusual leucorrhoea.

The color that passes leucorrhoea, odour, nature is OK and tentative judge the type that cause disease:

   Bacterial sex vaginitis

Bacterial sex vaginitis is the main reason that causes leucorrhoea of female pathology sex, 50% what hold the leucorrhoea increase that vaginitis disease place causes about. When acidity environment change of the vagina, when the amount of lactic acid bacili of normal existence decreases or disappearing, bacterium of oxygen of be disgusted with breeds in great quantities, cause semiotic happening thereby.

The leucorrhoea of bacterial sex vaginitis has stink of more special piscine raw meat or fish, the flavour after and be in making love more very. Color is given priority to with ashen or grey yellow, relatively rare, and evener.

  Trichomonad sex vaginitis

If leucorrhoea presents yellow or olive rare spumescent pus sex, and companion has the Sao of vulva and vagina itch bear hard, the possibility of trichomonad sex vaginitis is very large. Trichomonad sex vaginitis is osculatory sex travels, sexual contact is among them one of ways of the most serious infection. Vaginal secretion assay checks OK and clear examine to break.

  Mould sex vaginitis
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