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Law of the media sex products sell well in China raised the concept of change
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Original title: new round of cultural revolution: sex shop selling of supplies into Beijing each block seems to meet the experts, the so-called "sexual revolution raging" demand. Growing middle class, especially the younger generation to lead the revolution. Compared with the West, in China openly talk about "sex" is still not appropriate. But the well-known sexologist Li Yinhe that after 30 years of opening, the atmosphere is relaxed. She said: "leading a new trend of young Chinese. Today's youth grew up in the Internet age, exposure to new things than ever, a tremendous impact on them." Taking into account people's attitudes change, the Ministry of Education in December last year, ahead of required sex education to primary stage. As more and more young people to sexual experience, their concerns about the existence of AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. State media said Beijing and Shanghai have more than 2,000 sex shops, and many dubbed the "adult stores" to meet the discerning customer. Miss Kazakhstan is an ambitious painter. She said: "In Beijing, the quality of the products only from the last year there. Market demand, people's consciousness in the steady improvement." 25-year-old Yang Zi (sound) last month opened a "Love Hong Kong" store, hoping to break into this market. She said that China's economic prosperity, people began to think more about "sex." Wearing high heels and wearing a nose ring, she said: "No matter what country you live in, everyone needs a 'Flirt'. It is born of the chain, the root of students." But she also said that China remains deep-rooted nature of conservative ideas. She never far away in the northwest Gansu up the courage to tell parents what their doing business. She said: "They are very conservative, I do not want them to worry about me too much. They may think I spoiled it."

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