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The four men to enhance sexual health point
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High quality of life, people have more health concerns, a variety of exercises, massage are endless. In fact, for men, if you want to enhance sexual health, focusing on the following four points can be. Man two points: the full three years. The former is the largest cave men, located outside the knee straight down to four-Wang pointed eyes. This is a can prevent many diseases and physical health of the important points. Regular massage can Spleen and Stomach, with deficiency of kidney yang, on the treatment of male erectile not be strong, premature ejaculation, weak stomach embolism helpful. Shenshu massage is more of a point better. It is the second lumbar vertebra in the lumbar spinous process, the next place to open a half inches, with liver and kidney tonic, filled the role of lean marrow, can treat semen, erection problems, enuresis, low back pain, weak waist, dizziness eyes, tinnitus. The simplest method of massage, the best results. Such as the hand into a fist to the back of the index finger knuckle as the first focal point, or hand naturally start to thumb abdomen as the focal point, circling the selected point on the rubbing. 3-5 minutes for each massage, or to the left circle 20 times, then circle right 20 times, sooner or later do it again. Sea and air are two other important related element of health points. These two points are next in line the abdomen. The former massage with Qi yang solid through the role of menstruation, it could help treat men enuresis, will not be strong erection, nocturnal emission, Hua Jing and so on. Massage can treat the latter sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation and loss of appetite, fatigue and other body tired. To fully stimulate these two points, suitable for use "palms push belly Act." Male supine, hands overlap, the first along the belly midline, top-down push, repeat 20 times. Respectively, from both sides of the costal arch and then the lower edge, down into the thigh, is 20 times. Finally, in a clockwise direction, massage around the navel, and gradually extended to the entire abdomen, massages two or three minutes later, then counterclockwise, the same way massage two or three minutes.

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