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Sex shop murder sentence: death
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The afternoon of April 22 this year, South Lake area of sexual health products shop, a woman owner of the body in more than 30 knives, killed in the store (Express has been the subject report.) The first 10 days after the incident, the suspect Meng-display the food stalls in their front was arrested. Yesterday, the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court sentenced Meng-intentional homicide death. This year at 17:00 on April 22 more than South Lake this female sexual health products shop owner Dongli Li's son comes from school store, opened the shop to see the mother down in a pool of blood, hurried out to help. Neighbors and the police came one after another and found that Dong Lili had been killed. The police through the investigation, in the first 10 days and arrested a cook in the Meng-Meishan. Meng-character is very lonely, and had nearly 10 years imprisonment for multiple offenses. In the police station, Chen Mengjian never denied the attack, but the irrefutable evidence and the police in the psychological offensive gradually promoted, confessed his killings, and for the motive of the attack has been a long time to explain. He confessed that the incident more than 3 pm the same day, he was wandering the street and saw this health products shop, there is no destination, and went inside. Saw the shop owner Dong Lili, his heart is suddenly or evil intention of a relationship with her. He pulled out a fruit knife carry, stand to the Dong Lili neck, but was fierce resistance, Meng-chaotic scuffle knife stabbing her. Criminal past experience made him have a certain amount of anti-detection capability, Chen Mengcheng confess to return the store twice destroyed the scene. Meng-prosecution alleged cases of suspected homicide, after the hearing, Meng-suddenly retracted in court, claiming that he did not commit murder, said before the account amount to nothing. Nanjing Court held that, Meng-account with the case before the evidence has formed a complete chain of evidence to believe that the Meng-is this from the killers. Yesterday, the Court of First Instance sentenced Meng-intentional homicide death and deprived of political rights for life, and compensate for the loss of 45 million families of the victims. Yesterday, the court Meng-expression of indifference, without a word, even the judge asked him "whether to appeal" do not answer. After the families of the victims heard the verdict is still not conceal his indignation: "He died a few are enough!"

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