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Porn Disc of supplies of drugs outside the police dig up streets to sell Road "
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Press 6 to follow the branch of Tai Hing Road outside the police station on North Road, five on the street outside the area of "yellow cancer" surprise remediation. Activities at the scene and seized a large number of illegal products, adult products and pornographic heard from more than 1,000 disks. Recently, Tai Hing Police Station received a large number of people reported the North Five Thistle said "yellow cancer" have "warmer" momentum. After receiving the reports of the masses, this determination to the police station at Tai Hing "yellow cancer" eradication. 6 morning, after posing as police, came to the North five Thistle early, scattered around the hide. 9:20 Xu, director of the Tak reporter to follow to the north, posing with five Thistle Street, on both sides of the street reporter saw the placing of a number of Tanchuang sporadic, which is packed with seven or eight Tanchuang of supplies, of medicine, the yellow disc. The adult is very explicit on the packaging supplies obscene. Reporter noted that many of these stall holders dressed in old military coat, wearing a mask, see someone take the initiative to strike up close it will sell. 9:30 Xu, see the time is ripe, director of the Tak ordered "the net", the police had a sudden attack Dunshou for a long time, and before the stall holders react to police has been brought under control, then the police will be several stall back to the police station, and in the field illegally seized a large number of adult products and pornographic products, more than 1,000 disc news. December 7, the reporter learned from the police station, seized pornographic materials will be according to the law, other items will be transferred to relevant departments for processing.

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