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A man does not give money buying of supplies of goods Da Lielie bugger took
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Yesterday 10:50 Xu, North Bird Road Cannes area near the value of a pharmacy in a pack of supplies only 5 dollars is a young man took off as the owner to seize the suspected theft and alarm. To the police station, the man nonsense now and then, from time to time fluent, from time to time and strip in public, so that police dumbfounding. He in the end is silly fool or to get away it? Purchase of supplies do not give money The man just looks early 20s, dressed clean, and looks are delicate features. At that time, he came to the pharmacy called the boss "to carry bags 'were the beginning of the'" and wife took turns package worth 5 dollars, "people at the beginning" of supplies to him, after he took the second floor, he turned around to the store. "Do you know him?" The owner asked her husband standing next to Mr. Lan. "Do not know." Mr. Lan also feel strange, above their own place to live, so this young man how to go up? So, Mr. Lan will pull the young man upstairs to downstairs, "the thing you take it or leave? Do not buy on the go, to give you the money to buy." However, young men do not talk to each other, the sub shop down the stairs again turn, and then walked to the door towards the stores. Mr. Lan side of the side to catch up to the man, police seized. Alarm Huangcun police station the man came back to the police station investigation. However, the man the next series of actions to police dumbfounding. Nonsense strip in public The man was a preliminary investigation into the police station will be holding the police room. "What are you doing?" Police shocked. "Good life of peace." Man said. See his answer, strange, the police allowed to sit down again, to speak. But when police asked them, his answer was always irrelevant answers. Did not say a few words, he suddenly knelt down and said: "I have money, do not steal, I was given the money." Police check found him really with hundred dollar bills. "Why give money do not take things?" Police wonder, but the man is still nonsense, talking about his family in his hometown, was excluded to the group. Subsequently, he also took out a piece of paper attached to the forehead, talking about the mouth do not know what. More exaggerated is that the man will himself off to the naked. Police to persuade them to be put on clothes, can not long, he off again. Is a fool or a fool? Shocking to see the man move his mobile phone to call police to find and save a contact phone number. The other man told police he was the dealer, and the man is doing the file cabinet, safe business suppliers. Police requested the dealer to the police station to assist in the investigation learned that the man usually there is nothing shocking move, did not feel anything abnormal. He is a fool or to get away and play the fool it? Then police and tentatively asked: "Do you want to send you to treatment before?" At this time, the man seemed to wake up some, hastily replied: "No, no." "Or notify your family do you?" "Do not trouble them. "the man began talking:" do not know, I do not know what. good life of peace. "When a reporter tried to ask it to last, the answer began to digress, and finally even their own home where all said do not know. After investigation, the man surnamed Han, 22 years old, who Yanshi City, Henan Province. Currently, police are still on its further investigation.

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